It was an honor and a great opportunity to work with one of the best cross-examiners in the country. I believe I am a better cross-examiner after working with you and Matt. Thank you both.
— Franc: Texas
Opened my eyes to new ideas on approaching cross.
— Daniel: Texas
Simply the best way possible to improve cross-examination skills - crossing live witnesses with Roger Dodd as Coach.
— Rick Friedman
Perhaps the most important skill I came away with was a dramatic increase in my confidence. I now have a solid system to lean on when preparing for trial. 100% ahead of where I was 2 days ago.
— Scott: Montana
I cannot express to you enough how happy I am to have taken this course…to have learned so much, and not just about cross-examination. I learned a lot about myself. I learned a lot about what it takes to be a good trial lawyer.
— Angie: Idaho
Cross-examining expert actors was like being in court. Very real.
— Franc: Texas
Thanks for an amazing 2 days of Clinic! Confidence with Cross-Examination.
— Elizabeth: Louisiana
The clinic was fantastic. The process is very accessible. I am a better lawyer today. I did a number on a guy this morning.
— Wade: Texas
I thought initially you all were over-selling how much two days will make a difference. Truth is you undersold it. Excellent.
— Harold: North Carolina
This has been the most useful Clinic I’ve ever been in start to finish.
— Clay: South Carolina
BEST DAY IN COURT TODAY! So, so much to learn and keep track of, but I’m trying. And, the effort(s) are paying off…..
— Laurel: California
Doing problems outside my area pushed me more. It’s the best CLE I’ve ever had.
— Dylan: North Carolina
I think this is the best C.L.E course in the country.
— Mark: Texas
Since I left the clinic I hammered two of their experts with an extended chapter on -this is your best work- and some other things.
— Aaron: California
The second time around was even better. I walked away feeling a lot more confident. I took a depo of a well-known defense expert who got under my skin a few years ago. Long story short, coming directly from the trial clinic was a gift.
— Brian: Texas
What an awesome learning experience. This kind of instruction should give each of our careers a huge boost. I know I’ll be more prepared, calm and kick more ass in trial. This clinic was hands down the best training I’ve had in trying cases. Only wish I’d done it years ago.
— Dan: South Carolina
I started preparing for a trial tonight and it is so much better breaking it down to basics based on what we learned. I have been thinking of the 2 days in San Diego and they were so great. The San Diego program was excellent, and the hard work that you and Patricia put in to the program shows. I was very impressed. Thank you so much.
— Paula: California
One week after a clinic, listening to nearly every question out of defense counsel’s mouth made me think of the Clinic… I already feel like I’m a better lawyer. PS – In my free moments, I draft chapters.
— Becky: Idaho
I was able to obtain admissions from a deponent last week using your system. I then put him into an inconsistent position. He could not win because of my deposition using your technique.
— Dan: California
You guys did an amazing job. I took the deposition of a treating VA physician today and really enjoyed having the new tools.
— Toby: Texas
Amazing. I gained more confidence. I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am to have attended the clinic and have learned so much over the 2 days.
— Hillary: Montana
It was an intense and memorable process. I learned a lot and am still processing a lot of the info. Nevertheless, I am retraining myself to become better. Your clinic is undoubtedly a major step in that process. Please continue your and Matt’s teaching as long as possible; you are both an asset to those who truly aspire to being a “trial lawyer.”
— Trevor: Oklahoma
It was truly a transformational event for me. Any fear of going to trial is gone and it’s funny now that I have had a chance to reflect, I realize that I actually felt different on day 2 than I did on the first day. The clinic had a major impact on me. You pushed us all really hard without overtly appearing to do so and it was an absolute honor and pleasure to have had the opportunity to learn from you.
— Jerry: Canada
I received more out of this than my other CLE combined.
— Dustin: California
It’s programs like this that reenergizes me when going up against the dark side.
— Joe: Minnesota
Thanks for putting on such a fantastic seminar.
— Janet: California
I hope this transcript can be used to illustrate just how damned valuable your clinic has been, or the gift that keeps on giving.
— Rich: Colorado
I’ll recommend this [Clinic] to anyone who’ll listen.
— Dan: South Carolina
The entire experience was so pleasurable from you and Trish, the actors, the other lawyers and all of your accommodations made it such a positive investment in my career.
— Kevin: California
I think this was the first time that I was able to sit back and review other attorneys techniques rather than being focused on the issues. It was eye opening.
— Dustin: California
There is no substitute for the actual on the feet experience provided by this Clinic. Using the excellent improv actors is brilliant. The experience they provide is very realistic and light years ahead of the usual practice of using colleagues as witnesses. Roger and Matt are superb teachers- their real world expertise is completely apparent and they do an excellent job in imparting their wisdom and experience.
— Randolph: South Carolina
The instruction and guidance I picked up in New Orleans [Clinic] has made our entire firm better.
— Gerald: Louisiana
Thank you Roger. No question, you are the master of cross and a bunch of other shit, I’m sure. As I said when we were in Park City, your workshop was one of the very few professional experiences in my career that exceeded my expectations.
— Drew: South Carolina
Can’t express enough my gratitude for all the energy you sacrificed for us, and me particularly, at the seminar.
— Richard: Colorado
This is by far the most satisfying and powerful seminar I have been to.
— Andrew: Texas
The course was extremely helpful. I cant wait to try my new tools out in the court room.
— Monique: Texas
Truly helped with confidence.
— Scott: South Carolina
Your clinic was deeply inspiring. I have never been to anything like it and can’t wait to use all that you and Tricia taught me. We all felt that it built not only our trial skills but our connections to each other. We are a better team having learned from you together
— Alisa: Washington
My goal was to get my point across less aggressively. This helped tons!
— Steve: Louisiana
The clinic was a life altering experience for me
— G: California
After my opening the judge called us into the chambers, and made forceful nudges for settlement on the issues I raised. The judge had adopted my theme, and eventually opponent did when we spoke in the hall during the trial. Pretty awesome.
— Linda: Southern Midwest
I learned so much and enjoyed getting to know you both. I have a jury trial next week and I’ve implemented your techniques to the fullest! Waking in with much more confidence than I otherwise would have, thanks to you!
— Amber: Louisiana
Loved it. Ready to work on the feedback I received.
— Jeff: Louisiana
Thank you for such an incredible and impactful couple of days.
— Anonymous
I attended Roger’s program in Utah a couple years ago. It was great! As helpful as the seminar, has been staying in touch with Roger since then. I taught trial advocacy as an adjunct professor for many years and Roger is an amazing source of great ideas for how to make the class better. Such a great, generous, helpful guy, in addition to being one of the true leaders in helping us all represent our clients to the best of our abilities.
Roger’s new book that he wrote with his son, Matthew, is a must-read. Cross-Examination for Depositions)
— Bob: Wisconson
[The Clinic] Has provided many new tools to build on our cross-exam skills and general courtroom presence. Live demonstrations and actors make it real.
— Marion: South Carolina
I’m an everyday street lawyer, so I was a little concerned about how much I was spending. Now that I have taken the seminar, it’s not accurate to say that I got money’s worth. I think I owe you more money. Obviously you have to have [improv] actors of the quality of Olivia and Steve to provide a realistic working environment, but I was continually amazed at how focused, how individualized, and how helpful the post cross critiques were. If I can remember half of what I learned, and execute half of that, my clients will be a lot better off.
— Mitch: South Carolina
Quite easily the most useful and productive Clinic I’ve attended.
— Paul: Louisiana
I attended this training in San Diego. Money and time well spent.
— Brian: Washington
Two days of interactive exercises exclusively on cross-examination utilizing the method set forth in his book. This is not a seminar where you sit and listen to lectures. You are on your feet and actively doing cross-examinations. The clinic is constructive criticism and advice. The clinic utilized two professional [improv] actors to play witnesses for the fact patterns so the experience is as real as you can get outside of actual trial. By the conclusion of the second day we were all as tired as you would be at the end of a trial.
— Mike: Seattle
I read the book [Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques by Pozner & Dodd] a few years ago, but this Clinic helped get the technique across much easier.
— Patrick: South Carolina
I wish I had had the opportunity as a law student to see the sort of course Mr. Dodd and Ms. Kuendig present; I believe it will be life-changing to certain students. Mr. Dodd and Ms. Kuendig teach their students the most terrifying of the trial skills: cross-examination. Every litigator’s nightmare is the runaway witness, the one that beats the examining attorney. Mr. Dodd and Ms. Kuendig show and teach an approach that relies on the utmost preparation and is, consequently, almost fool-proof. It’s a system, it’s logical, and it’s fascinating to hear in action.
— Patricia: Southern California
You and Matt started a cross-examination movement in our firm that is going to take us to new heights.
— Paul: Louisiana
Specific suggestions after real time cross-examination is the absolute best method of teaching.
— Gloria: Nevada
I came back from a Dodd Clinic in Utah and it was great!!! Eight experienced attorneys, from around the country, meeting with Roger and utilizing his methodologies, from his book. Professional [improv] actors, who aided the clinic, by playing difficult witnesses, to a cross in a safe environment. The feed back was tremendous, and being confident, that you can control, almost any witness is a positive force needed, to win, at trial. I urge everyone who as interest in being proficient in cross, to attend if possible. Next best thing is to buy the book by Dodd. Advantage in cross clinic, is you can read the book and the author is there to point out to exactly what he meant and not what you may have thought. The Dodd Clinic, in my opinion, is a game changer in trial.
— Barry: North Miami Beach: Florida
I feel like I learned more in 2 days than I have in 3 years on my own. I left Utah excited about the future! I am excited to put everything I learned to work and I am ready to kick the door down as I run into the next level of my practice! I truly feel that I will benefit from this experience.
— Zach: Louisiana
The “real life” implementation and skills we learned were invaluable. I really enjoyed the comradery and learning from all the participants.
— Vernon: North Carolina
Y’all helped me to understand how a cross is supposed to look and how detailed it should be.
— Chance: Louisiana
Not one minute of my time was wasted. In two days, I was on my feet doing five cross-exams. I watched another 35 or more cross-exams. It’s tough to get that much experience in several years of practice. I’ll be back.
— Mark: Texas
I cannot express how much more confident I feel in Cross. Chapter Method absolutely makes sense.
— Debra: Ohio
Thank you for doing what you do. The fusion of improv acting with trial advocacy is masterful and brilliant. There are many who languish in complacency and you are right - this course is for the 1% - those who want to keep learning and improving and gaining that edge over their opponent. I am truly honored to have participated and pity those who have to deal with me in the courtroom tomorrow.
— Evonne: North Carolina
Gained a great foundation for cross. Learned skills I will use forever.
— John: Utah
It was such a sincere pleasure on multiple fronts, professional and personal. Thank you! I gained some great new cross ideas, concepts and instruction in which to make me an even more effective cross-examiner on behalf of my clients. Moreover, I gained some life long new friends and colleagues.
— Harley: West Virginia
I thought it was extremely helpful and unlike any seminar that I have attended. I really enjoyed the experience and felt like the clinic provided a great opportunity to learn and strengthen skills.
— Justin: Louisiana
I sought to sharpen my trial skills and this course was the right one.
— Robert: Nevada
I felt like I drank from the firehouse and came out with so many new skills that I cannot wait to use.
— John: Utah
I enjoyed the workshop. It was unlike any CLE I’ve ever been to. With the preparation beforehand and being on your feet and the interaction amongst your peers. I feel like it was helpful and I’m glad I took the course.
— Evonne: North Carolina
Felt good to see the learning as it was occurring - seeing the errors and correcting (or trying) to correct them. You ran a great clinic, with great people.
— Evan: New Jersey
I really learned a lot. It was a tremendously rewarding experience.
— Mark: Texas
This was truly a remarkable program, and I enjoyed every minute of it.
— Michael: Florida Keys
The enjoyment of us getting together again, it truly was a great experience for me personally and no doubt all the brothers. I’ve left with fresh ideas and new and better approaches to work on with my cross-examination skills. The fellowship, laughter and good fun - and that of making new friends colleagues but the icing.
— Harley: West Virgina
Excellent couple of days! I am very grateful that you make time to do these workshops. There is no other learning activity like this. You guys do a great job!
— Robert: Wisconson
Great information and feedback. Practical exercises.
— Brian: Utah
Practice with these [improv] actors were excellent. Critiques were also excellent.
— Mitch: South Carolina
I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I would classify it as the most practically beneficial experience of my legal career. There is no question that you [Roger Dodd] are in the business of making trial lawyers at every level better at cross-examination. As I told you last Friday evening, I rarely seen a trial practice guru live up to the billing, but you did that and more.
— David: South Carolina
The two days of Roger’s and Matt’s experiential teaching and learning trump any other trial practice seminar I’ve attended in a long while. Many thanks, again, to all of you. Roger and Matt: your comments were spot on, revealing and instructive - made me really dig in and think about the great new stuff I was learning and how to ditch the old crutches that weren’t working.
— Michael: North Carolina
Great feedback and discussion.
— Matt: Louisiana
This was a tremendous help.
— Amber: Louisiana
I attended your Houston Texas course and it has changed my life. I find these opportunities helpful because I get to take a magnifying glass to myself and decide consciously to abandon fear and control...MYSELF! Your returning student for life.
— Tamara: California
Outstanding. The best thing that I have done in years. The hand’s on work was great. It was good to be forced to implement what we were being taught. The exercises including the “clothing” cross was exceptional.
— John M.: North Carolina
Practice with the [improv] actors was very helpful. I liked the open, non-competitive forum.
— Suzanne: Oklahoma
Thank you so much for an amazing clinic. It was by far the most informational, challenging, and rewarding learning experience I have had since I started practicing. I definitely learned from your feedback on my crosses, but I also learned a ton from watching the other members of the group. Being able to see what worked, what didn’t work, and then learning how we can approach the areas where we struggled differently was incredibly helpful for me. I walked away with a lot of great material I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. With what I learned over the two days, I know I can make the improvements and I have a lot of great ideas on how to do it.
— Paige: Texas
It was a great learning experience, great friends new and old, great city and all around great time.
— Scott: South Carolina
I came in scared to death and feel so much better after the second day - learned so many new things that will help my trial practice.
— Christine: North Carolina
Hard, hard work and very useful.
— Joe: Utah
Very pleased. I learned a lot.
— Resh: Utah
Thank you for your hospitality, patience and most of all for sharing your expertise. The DA’s and police throughout Louisiana will not be happy with my cross-examination from this point forward. Your staff are amazing people in their own right and only added to an already great clinic.
— Glynn: Lousiana
I learned more about myself, my strengths and my weaknesses, in those 2 days, than I have learned at any seminar ever, hands down!
— Barbara: Southern California
Helped with organization and goals.
— Jennifer: Nevada
Unique and beyond excellent.
— Jim: California
I think it was very beneficial. I saw all participants improve over two days. I think it was good the [improv] actors’ characters were tailored to the participants to challenge them to grow and learn.
— Meagan: Louisiana
Definitely the BEST trial work seminar I have ever attended, and I have done a lot of seminars over the years. I learned more than I ever thought I would and a large part of that is from the other participants. I will be back again for another round of becoming a better trial lawyer.
— John F: North Carolina
Awesome. Great experience. A great learning opportunity.
— Kyler: Utah
Well worth the effort and the cost. It’s like going to quarterback camp taught by Peyton Manning. You can’t beat hands-on instructions in small groups with one of the best in the business.
— Bryan: San Diego Area
I’ve been a trial lawyer with a lot of experience over 15 years. Cross-examination is not a new concept to me. Roger promised to change my game. That is EXACTLY what he did. He elevated my skills to a whole new level. Everyone who wants to take their cross-examination to a stratospheric level should absolutely attend Roger’s clinic.
— Stacy: Ohio Area
I think I would benefit from taking the clinic again. I had a blast!
— Libbie: California
Excellent seminar. I enjoyed your teaching approach a great deal.
— Richard: San Diego
I have been putting your methods to good use, and have even been tapped to present a program on cross to the state bar. Go figure. Your program was what helped me get to the next level. Many thanks.
— Ben: Chicago Area
Sharpens cross-examination skills.
— Mark: Utah
I loved it.
— Trey: Louisiana
Thank you so much for your guidance and thoughtful comments. I learned so much and also had a lot of fun. Your vast experience and approachable teaching style made the course extremely helpful. The input from the other participants was a great enhancement to the learning process.
— Julie: Canada
This experience has completely changed my perspective and approach to trial. The methods and techniques that I learned at the clinic has revolutionized my practice. This clinic was a career changing opportunity.
— Shane: Midwestern States
Great instruction and experience!
— Michael: Missouri
I truly enjoyed the CLE!
— Terryl: Montana
I now have a true method to use in approaching cross-exam. I gained many tools like looping and spontaneous loops.
— Brian: North Carolina
I left so energized and excited about being a trial lawyer. I tried a jury trial within two weeks, and was so ready. I was patient with myself, I really slowed down, listened and never left the officer/prosecuting witness wiggle away. I learned so much and was legitimately inspired during the two days.
— Kyler: Mountain States
Your words were so inspiring. It was an honour to have participated in the clinic and to have learned from you. I am so proud to be your friend as well. Your unparalleled passion and compassion which has the power to sweep up and persuade people. I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us in the two days. All the blood, sweat and tears to get there was totally worth it. I will never be able to repay you for everything you have done for me.
— Mary: Toronto Area of Canada
As you know my case load is monstrous. It was hard to take two days from my practice. The clinic was well worth it. It is astonishing what your changes did to my ability to tell the story through cross-examination. Now juries see the story I tell through cross.
— Mike: Mountain States
Learning about Chapters was helpful. Learning to focus on facts, not conclusions, was helpful.
— Jordan: Utah