What You’ll Learn

In today's litigation environment, no trial lawyer is participating in enough trials to acquire and maintain proficiency in the necessary trial skills such as Cross-Examination. This unique trial skills clinic is designed to allow attendees to master these techniques in a spontaneous, unscripted experience in a nurturing and intentionally intense environment. No one is more qualified to coach these techniques than Roger J. Dodd who has been teaching Cross-Examination and other trial skills to more than 55,000 lawyers for over three decades. Roger J. Dodd instructs the classes himself along with additional faculty. This is the first time that Roger J. Dodd is offering his own clinic with his methodologies, agenda and expertise. All participants will be constantly under the careful scrutiny of Roger J. Dodd, whose unique style of trial advocacy distinguishes this from all other seminar programs. 

Whether you try business, criminal, civil or domestic relations cases, these techniques work.

Picture of Roger Dodd lecturing in a court room.

Techniques and skills you will learn include the following:

1. Constructive Cross: Using their witnesses and their documents on cross to prove your theory.

2. The mental, emotional psychological and physiological responses of the witness on cross-examination.

3. How to stay organized in preparation and delivery of the cross by chapters.

4. How to maximize the effect of cross by proper sequencing of your chapters.

5. Four best ways to control an opposing expert witness,

6. Trilogies: How to use the Rule of Threes to make your cross memorable.

7. Loops: Label every important witness and piece of evidence.

8. Double Loops: The best way to undermine opposing experts.

9. Spontaneous Loops: Cutting edge use of the witnesses' own words.

10. Twenty one ways to control difficult witnesses.