Instructors and Improv Actors


Each instructor is a trial lawyer with a trial schedule with all that entails.  Most sessions have two instructors.  Roger J. Dodd personally teaches every day of every session unless health issues intervene.  This seldom happens, but occasionally a session has to be postponed, rescheduled or rarely cancelled.  If and when that happens, each participant will be given the choice to attend a different session on a different date and/or location, postpone attendance, or receive a refund, less any processing fees.

Picture of Roger J. Dodd.
Picture of some of the improv actors and instructors of the Dodd Law clinic.


When the Dodd Trial Skills Clinics were first devised, one of the principal tenants were professional improv actors would play the many roles for the witnesses. Not just improv actors, but professional, experienced, working improv actors; one a female and one a male, if possible.  This approach was to provide each participant with the most realistic, and the most diverse experience in crossing witnesses possible.  It was and is very successful.  This makes the Dodd Trial Skills Clinics unique from other small group experiences.

Quickly the clinics evolved to include the improv actors as independent voices in each critique.  Their training and expertise are so different than that of lawyers it breeds a voice driven by what lawyers don’t see, hear or feel.  The actors bring incredible insight that produces greater growth in each participant and offers an unparalleled experience.

Dodd Trial Skills Clinics incorporates improv exercises multiple times per day led by professional improv actors. The improv-based exercises are specifically designed to advance a cross-examiner’s skills in the courtroom.  The blending of these distinct disciplines brings the learning curve more vertical.  This specialized process will continue to grow and change, continually offering a distinct evolving learning experience.

Since the start of the Dodd Trial Skills Clinics, we have worked with several improv actors. Most of our Clinics have included the work of Steve Hohman and Olivia Espinosa. Steve and Olivia have the uncanny ability to work with trial lawyers of different skillsets and are now offer Improv Workshops. For more information see