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The Clinics are traditionally set for Thursdays and Fridays.  Castle Rock is located about 40 minutes away.  The terrain is mind boggling.  They provide talented guides, and more importantly great bird dogs.  Or you can bring your own dog.  There are morning hunts and afternoon hunts.  We can facilitate Wednesday and Saturday hunts, the day before or after the clinic.

I, Roger J. Dodd, don’t have a financial interest in Castle Rock, but I have an interest in hunting birds as often as I can.  We can hunt together.  They release birds and charge by the bird released, if you can book a hunt.  They give me preference on setting hunts.  Pricing is reasonable.  Hunting is great.  Some clips of shooting are below.  When you register for a Clinic, if you mention you enjoy bird hunting, we will talk.

Part of the wonderful beauty of this hunting experience is the short 40 minute drive from Park City to Castle Rock, and back.  A good portion of the drive follows the original Pony Express route.  The scenery is absolutely spectacular.  The photos below do not do justice to the cliffs that are on both sides of the route.  I have been all over the world and have never witnessed such awe inspiring topography.  It makes me very peaceful.