Attendance Policy

We Reserve the Right to Deny Any Person to Participate:

After teaching more than 55,000 lawyers and judges for three decades, in all 50 states, and multiple foreign countries, we have discovered that there is at least one person out there that would be toxic to a small group where interaction between all participants, improv actors and instructors is vital. It would not be fair to anyone to endure that environment while trying to learn in a positive environment.

If after accepting a deposit for one of the seats, it is decided by the Clinic that the issues(s) cannot be reasonably resolved, then the fee will be refunded and that participant will not be given a seat. This would only happen following an effort to resolve the issue(s) with the potential participant.

Thank you for doing what you do. The fusion of improv acting with trial advocacy is masterful and brilliant. There are many who languish in complacency and you are right- this course is for the 1%- those who want to keep learning and improving and gaining that edge over their opponent.

I am truly honored to have participated and pity those who have to deal with me in the courtroom now.
— Evonne: North Carolina


Your attendance and participation is important not only to you, but also to the other participants of the Clinic.  Our experience has shown that eight participants is optimum for learning.  The Clinic is not a CLE where you will be one of 400 attendees and your absence does not matter to the presentation.   Instead, when someone is unable to participate, it effects the balance and flow of the class.  Other participants do not get the insight of observing and receiving critique, suggestions and questions from all participants.

Once a participant is registered with payment our policy is twofold:  (1) It will be the sole responsibility of the participant to fill the seat, and thus mitigate the registration fee.  
There will be no refunds. If possible the seat will be filled and any registration fee collected from the alternate participant will be refunded to the cancelling party less an administration fee of $250.  (2)  Despite the fact that it is the sole responsibility of the cancelling participant to fill the seat, we will do all we can to assist you in finding a replacement. Normally we have a waiting list, but the closer in time to the Clinic, the harder it is to fill an empty seat.

WARNING:  Each clinic session is limited to 8 participants. Eight has been found to be the optimum size for a clinic to create the maximum interaction and learning between participants.  Consequently, once each participant has registered, you are responsible for your tuition. If you develop a conflict or have any other reason that you cannot attend that specific session, you must find a replacement, at your cost. We will assist you to try to find a replacement, but it is your duty.